The Conyers Messages on Abortion

(From the Conyers Messages of Our Lord and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

                     "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death,                       blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live."

(Deuteronomy 30:19)

"From man in regard to his fellow man I will demand an accounting for human life.
If anyone sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed;
For in the image of God has man been made."

(Genesis 9: 5,6)

Embryo: "The stages of human development from implantation to the eighth week."

Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged, 1954.

From 1990 to 1992 Nancy Fowler's messages from Our Lord and Our Loving Mother included many references to the greatest overt evil of the modern age: abortion.  Over 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States alone since the Supreme Court of the United States of America permitted elective abortion in 1972 under the Roe v. Wade decision.  This atrocious number of abortions does not include the millions of drug-induced abortions from  the administration of abortifacient chemicals to pregnant mothers.  The number of abortions, worldwide, is many times the number of abortions that have been performed in the United States.  Surgical and chemically-induced abortions, by law, must be performed by certified physicians who have taken the Hyppocratic Oath to: "First of all, do no harm".

There are no more serious or pointed admonitions given "To the People of the United States"  by Our Lord and Our Loving Mother to Nancy  than their messages concerning the great evil of abortion.  These messages, however, are not just a warning from God, but a prelude to hope because if we heed them, God will be merciful.  If we choose not to repent of our immorality, we will experience our  final years---like ancient Rome, where in its final years, infanticide was practiced.

God has given these messages to us in order that we remember His Commandments.  He has already given them to us in Sacred Scripture.  This is God's plan---repentance and hope.

To be against all forms of abortion is only to be in union with the natural law.  It is in common sense that Pope John Paul II imparted to us these words:

"To be human, it had to be human to begin with."  Pope John Paul II

(The Holy Father's Encyclical: "The Gospel of Life" (Evangelium Vitae) is available on this website.)

December 31, 1990

 Jesus said to Nancy:

"My  precious  little daughter. You console My grieving heart with your childlike ways. When you were hurting very deeply today you said to Me: 'It's 0. K., Jesus, don't hurt. I care about you.'   In your childlike way you gave yourself to Me in those moments.  You were thinking of My pain and not your own. I tell you solemnly I cherish your prayers, little one.  You are correct in saying My anger is mounting.    My children, My lost, foolish children have ignored My Mother and Me enough.  And everyone I send, My children have ignored.

"Block My graces here and receive My punishment sooner.

"My children have failed  to demonstrate any faith, any trust and do not believe in our visits here. Let Me say this again,

 "I do not appear like this anywhere else on earth."

 Nancy saw the suffering face of Jesus.  He said:

 "The time has come for My Justice.  My children do not believe in My Justice and they shall see My Justice. I call and I call and I call and My children do not respond. They do not come.

 "I call and 1 call and I call.  They block their ears.

"I am giving the greatest graces here outside of My Mass.  Nowhere are My graces being poured forth like they are here. Where are My children? Where are My children at the Mass? Where are My children? I tell you, they are seeking their own selfish selves.   How much I have tolerated. Everyone of My commandments violated, abandoned.

 "Murder, murder, murder.  Murder is in their hearts.  They murder the unborn. They murder the born. They murder the old. They murder the young. They murder the well. They murder the disabled. They slander My name; mock Me, spit on Me, throw My words away.   My precious daughter, you see My suffering face. Look at Me. You see My love. My children, where have they gone? You are ready to speak My words and there is no one here to listen. "

 Nancy said, "The suffering; [of Jesus], I can hardly bear it."  Jesus said:

"I have given grave signs from Heaven.   Know they are grave signs. Nancy, I told you I prefer My children to come back to Me in love."

 Nancy said,  "The suffering in Your face is immense. It is as great as I've seen it.  His suffering face again; You are revealing Your suffering face so much."  Jesus said:

"My gentle, little one, thank you for caring about Me.   I have called My children to respond. They did not. My Mother has called them here. They did not come.

"When I say a place is holy, then know it is holy and know that graces abound.  Zion is My holy mountain. When I say a place is holy, it is holy. Your little, little hill, insignificant to most of the world, is holy because I have said so.  How many times you have seen the angels surrounding My holy hill.  In every direction you have looked in the sky, you have seen angels.  You have seen saints. You have seen Me.  You have seen My Mother. You have seen the Holy Family.  You have seen My many signs in the heavens.   My Mother has called out.  Where are My children? Do they not know that My Mother and I await them here?

"I continually offer Myself in sacrifice to My Father. [in the Mass-ed.]  They do not come.  They stay away.   I come here in My glorified state.  I am glorified. I am risen.  I am a glorified being, but  My children, My children are too busy.  They do not believe.  They do not believe that I am God.  I invite My priests to come.  I will appear to some of them and they do not come.  I have said these things to you.

"Block My graces and do not have My graces.

"Know that My Mother will continue to appear on the 13th of each month for a while.  Pay attention to what she will say. "

 Nancy said,  "I have never seen His suffering face as I've seen today. I don't know how He can endure it."

January 6, 1991

 The Blessed Mother said:

 "Oh, what a terrible, grave sin abortion is. 

 "Man continually tries to make decisions that are reserved for God alone.  Man does not know the destiny of each child conceived, does not know the destiny of any child conceived.   So popes are murdered.  Priests are murdered.  Nuns are murdered and on and on and on.  Does this grave sin not bring about the wrath of God?"

 January 17, 1991

 Jesus said:

 "I have a message for all mankind. Stop trying to be greater than Me.   Stop worshiping false gods.  Stop murdering.  Stop lying.  Stop striking Me. Stop ripping My flesh from My bones. Stop ignoring Me.   Stop your selfish, egotistical ways.   Begin anew.   With sincere, repentant hearts turn back to Me.  I say to you, love, love, love, every moment, everywhere.  Give Me your heart of  love.  My   people need  My commandments of love."

 January 31, 1992

 Jesus explained the meaning of His Mother appearing one day all dressed in black and not speaking:

 "My Mother, in the silence of her heart, is mourning for her lost children and her murdered children. "

 March 6, 1991

 Jesus  was  teaching  on  the commandment: Thou shall not Kill; when He said:

 "Anytime you fail to love and live in peace and desire to injure another in thought, word or deed, you violate this commandment.

 "Write these words: Live in peace and union with your neighbor, respect his rights, seek his spiritual and bodily welfare and take proper care of your own life and health. This commandment forbids willful murder, fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, scandal and bad example."

 Nancy then had an inspiration to read Matthew 18:6 where Jesus said:

 "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. "

 Later, Our Loving Mother appeared and said:

"I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and your loving mother.

"To be submissive to your husband and others is to die to yourself and let God live  in you. Your life is not yours. Live your life for my Son.  Let Him grow in you and help Him grow in others. "

Nancy then saw a vision: "There is a soul and I am holding a watering can.  I am sprinkling water on this seed of a soul.  The seed was in an immense light. I am careful to water it slowly at first. Then I give it more water and it grows and grows and it becomes a beautiful Easter lily."  Our Loving Mother said:

 "Saint John's gospel is about the gentle, loving nurturing of the soul. Treat every soul with tender, loving nurturing so that the soul will blossom in eternal life.  Nancy, be patient, kind, gentle and loving always and help the little seeds flourish into a beautiful pure Easter lily."

 "Never kill a soul but help each soul live in God.  You must live in God first before you can help others.  If they don't see my Son in you then how will you be able to tell them about my Son?  It is like being in a movie theater and you are waiting to see the picture but no picture comes but you hear the sound.  Isn't it better when the picture and sound are together.  You are to bear witness that He is the Living Son of God."

March 13, 1992

 The Blessed Mother appeared and said:

"My dear children, I welcome all of you here.  I come in the name of my Son.  Come seeking my Son in the depths of your  hearts.  I will deliver a message for the United States at the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries.   I will remain with you in prayer and, at the end of the Glorious Mysteries, I will bless you.

"My Son is the great healer.   He is  healing His children.

"Please thank my little  helpers for me.  Please record how you first see me."

 [For the above message, Our Loving Mother came with the infant Jesus in her arms.  A crown appeared over her head.  She was radiant and beautiful.]

 "Please know, when I appear in black I do so because I am in mourning."

 [Earlier in the week she appeared to Nancy in black. A tear then came out of her left eye as she continued.]

 "My children are not carrying their crosses.   My children are murdered all over the world.  Tell the people of the United States, tell the people of the world, abortion is murder. The cup of salvation will turn into the cup of wrath unless you stop.   Please listen."

 [The infant Jesus was now glowing in her arms.]

 Our Loving Mother then gave the monthly message for the United States:

"Dear Children of America, please understand these times are times of great mercy.   The cup of salvation overflows upon the United States and over the whole world. Bathe, little children, in the love and mercy of God. Be clean.  If you refuse the love and mercy of God and refuse to be clean, then greater sufferings will befall you. Prepare.  Deny yourself.  Carry your cross and follow in my Son's footsteps. He has set the path before you. Unless you are following in His footsteps, you are not following. Live for God.  Walk the passion in Love.  Let me help you each step of the way.

 "Thank you, my dear little children.  This is the end of the message.

 "I will bless you and everything you have brought with you at the completion of the Rosary."

 [She is radiant and grows greater in light as the people sing the "Ave Maria".]

 "Please tell my children I carry their petitions to my Son.  I ask you not to cease your prayers for these requests but increase them."

 "Please remember to tell my children I am pleased with all my little helpers.  The children who come here are my helpers when they speak my Son's words to others.

 "As you make the sign of the cross, I will bless you and everything you brought with you and, then, I will depart.  Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

March 19, 1991

 Jesus said,

"Let Me see this nation, this president, appreciate My mercy and My love. Put God back in this country."

"Put God back in your schools, in your government, in your leaders, in every man, woman and child.  Then, and only then, will you be one great nation under God.

 "I abhor the murders in this land.  You have murdered the unborn. You have murdered the word of God, removing it from your schools and your hearts. Put Me back where I belong. "

March 21, 1991

The Blessed Mother said: "Will you pray a Rosary with me?*

 "I am the Mother of God and your Loving Mother.   I am very sad that mothers continue to murder their babies within their wombs. "

[*Click this link to learn about the Rosary on this website:] The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 At the consecration of the Mass, Jesus said,

"Unless the murders stop, I will send a punishment upon this nation. "

March 22,1991

 Jesus said,

 "Be patient, bear everything for Me.

"Many souls are freely choosing to live in darkness.  They think their decision is just for a few years on earth but it is for all eternity.  Many souls are plunging into eternal fires and are damned for all times.  Most are there because of sins of the flesh.  Those who willfully choose to murder are there with them."

"Repeated willful impure thoughts, words and deeds are sending people to eternal fires of darkness.  My children are making a conscious decision to break My commandment.  They repeat this sin then rationalize it and, then, no longer recognize it as sin.  I will banish these souls from My sight.  I am a God of mercy and love and a just judge.  Violation of My commandments kills the life of the soul."

"Woe be to this wicked, sinful generation.  How quick you are to cease your prayers of peace the moment you think your peace is achieved.  The anger of God the Father is mounting.  Woe be My people who march with the murderers, the abortionists. 

"Woe be My priests who engage in impure acts.

"You have seen enough.  You have heard enough. I have spoken."

July 24, 1992

Nancy and friends remained in the apparition room after the Blessed Mother departed. Jesus appeared and said to Nancy,

"Be at peace daughter.  Record these words:  My Church continues to test Me and I am displeased. Holy apostles of My Church, you will be held accountable before Me.  All priests hear this.  I solemnly tell you, Nancy, those who reject you are rejecting Me and each man will be held accountable to Me.  Depart from Me all you black sheep.  Depart from Me all you black sheep.

September 9,1990

 The following words are extracted from a longer message that is typical of the conversations that Nancy has with Jesus.  Background: Nancy was receiving many messages but she was not writing them in her journal.  Jesus said to Nancy:

 "My words are life. If My words are life and  you do not write them down and you throw them away, are you any better than the ones who murder the embryos and throw them away ?"

 Later in the day, Jesus said:

 "Nancy, I am pouring My love out to you so that others will come to see and know how I love them equally.  No human being is capable of loving everyone equally.

 "Appreciation and love go hand in hand.  When you appreciate someone you think more of the other person than you do yourself. You thank them. "Oh, Nancy, won't you love Me?  Please don't love Me up to a point and then stop. Love Me completely. Look at My outstretched arms.  Remember, I said I don't duck the punches. Please won't you do this for Me?  Won't you love Me just a little?  You say you love, but you keep stopping. You stumble and fall over obstacles.  If you love Me then know I am greater than any obstacle. You won't see the obstacle if you really love Me."

 Nancy said she saw tears come from His eyes and she said:  "The light is so bright it hurts my eyes."  Jesus said:

 "Look away."

 Nancy said:  "The pain in my eyes has gone away."  Jesus said:

 "But the pain has not gone away from My heart, as I am calling you to love Me.  I am calling all mankind.  Why can't you understand you are My chosen spokesperson?  The one who hears  My words should speak My words.  You have responsibility first to listen, then to obediently speak My words and you have responsibility for multitudes of souls.

 "Oh, what little faith My little one has.  You, who see Me.  You, who hear Me.  You were right today to ask Me for more faith. "

 Nancy said:  "How can you stand to look at me?"  Jesus said:

 "I love you unconditionally, as I love every soul."

 Nancy said that Jesus was radiant and that the pain in her eyes was gone.  She said: "I don't feel the pain I felt earlier."  Jesus said:

 "It is because your eyes are upon Me.

 "Remember Nancy, I said at church, 'If only My children would just be children. Then you would see a steady flow of tears from My eyes.'"

September 12,1992

 While at Mass at St. Pius Church, Nancy heard the Blessed Mother speak:

 "Nancy, my little daughter, please write my words.  The murders must stop.  There are grave consequences if my children do not stop murdering.  God is the creator of life.  He alone has the right to call souls home.  "When you violate God's law and murder, you are murderers and gods unto yourselves.  You will be banished forever from God unless you stop and repent.  "Pray about your leaders.  Pray they will be and are people of God.  If you elect them and they create laws against God, then you will be held accountable."

 Nancy asked:  "What if you don't know or they change while in office?"  Our Loving Mother said:

"Then you will be held accountable for what you know at the time of your decision. "

Later in the Mass, Nancy saw a vision of an angel appear several times with a dove above its head. She tested the vision and it remained.  Jesus then said:

 "Be assured the angel is from Me."

 After the Mass Jesus said:

 "The murders must stop."

September 13,1992

 Our Loving Mother said:

 "Dear children of America, are you listening?  Are you listening with your hearts?  Many of you have started on a spiritual journey and many of you have stopped.  Do not allow Satan to discourage you.  Believe with your whole heart in my Son.  Allow my Son to lead you.  My children, pray and offer sacrifices for the souls of your sisters and brothers. Pray and offer sacrifices for peace.  I implore you to walk away from the sins of the flesh. Stop murdering.   There are grave consequences if you continue to ignore God and violate His laws. It is a great grace that God has permitted me to come.  I love you and I desire each of you to be united to my Son.  More disasters are coming."

 She cried. Blood came out of her eye.

 "Please listen.  Look at the way you are living.  Look within yourself and examine your relationship with God and amend your life without delay.  I bless you.  As you make the Sign of the Cross I will depart.  Remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

September 29,1992

 At morning Mass, Nancy saw an all black embryo appear on the wall behind the altar. She then saw a life-size profile of the Blessed Mother dressed all in black.  Jesus said:

 "This is a grave sign."

 After Mass Nancy was reading words from Revelation Chapter 12 when Jesus said:

 "Don't forget to write those words."

 Jesus was specifically referring to the words from Revelation 12:10:

 "Now salvation and power have come; the reign of our God and the authority of Christ are at hand."

Later in the day, at the holy hour, Nancy and some friends were praying the Rosary in the apparition room at Nancy's home.  The Blessed Mother appeared and Nancy said that she was crying.  The Blessed Mother said:

 "Go deeper into the ground for purer water.   The day is coming when large amounts of the earth's water will be contaminated. Put a crucifix over the well.

 "Many more diseases will befall mankind. Many will perish. I cannot hold my Son's hand back.   Children, pray, please!

 "The day will come when I will tell you to connect the well.   [to Nancy's house]

 "Trust God."

 Nancy then saw something appear on the Blessed Mother's forehead. Nancy asked what it was.

 "The same that is on your forehead.  It is the cross.

 "Many who live by the dollar shall perish by the dollar.

 "The sins of abortion are calling forth the wrath of God upon all humanity.  Children, children please, please stop murdering. "

 Nancy said the Blessed Mother was crying blood.  Our Loving Mother said:

 "Children, I love you.   I am your mother.

 "America, pick up your Rosary.  Kneel down and pray. "

 Nancy said:  "She is crying and crying and crying".

 "To my children of the world I say: pray. Pray the Rosary. Pray.

 "Thank you.  Thank you for offering your Mass to console me.  Thank you for offering your mass for the angels.*   I will bless each of you as I depart."

 *[Presumably the feast of the Guardian Angels.]

 Nancy said that the Blessed Mother was solemn throughout the vision and did not smile once.

September 30,1992

 Nancy and friends were praying the Rosary when Nancy saw a vision of a pool of blood at the foot of the cross.  Jesus appeared and said:

 "More suffering will befall mankind. The blood of abortions will fall upon mankind. "

 October 13,1992

In an apparition before the Rosary, Jesus said:

"Children, know that I am God and love you with an unconditional love. When will you acknowledge that I am God?  When will you return love to Me?  How long must I wait?  I say to all mankind, you are running out of time;  I am not.   Amend your life and keep My commandments sacred.  Do not put your laws in front of Mine. "

 Nancy said Jesus was crying.

 "Seek My forgiveness and My mercy.

 "That is all."

 During the Rosary Nancy saw in a flash a vision of the evil face of Hitler.  The Blessed Mother then said:

"The mothers' wombs have become the concentration camps of the world."

Later the Blessed Mother said,

"A hammer will pound the earth like an angry parent pounds the table.  When will you listen?  And all the time the parent is loving the child."

 At the end of the Rosary, the Blessed Mother said:

 "Now I will give the message for the United States.

 "Dear children of America, there is great joy in my heart to see you gathered in prayer. There is great sorrow in my heart for many of my children are lost.  Many children do not pray and they have closed their ears to the *messages of God."

Nancy saw a tear of blood coming down the side of her nose.

  *["the messages of God" would include the Commandments and the Gospels.]

"Pray children, pray.  Prayer is vital.  Seventy five years ago I came to three little shepherd children to deliver a message to all mankind and I have come today to deliver a message.  Children, you must stop offending God.  Begin with this anniversary day and make a commitment to spend time with God every day."  

 Nancy said Our Loving Mother is crying again.

 "Pray the Rosary every day.  I ask that you make an act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart. In our hearts you will find a safe refuge.

 "America, raise your voices in great thanksgiving to God for His mercy, for His love.  I cannot restrain my Son's hand.   Please help me to help you.  Offer your daily sacrifices and prayers, please, in reparation for the sins of the world.  Keep our messages alive in your hearts.  Join your hands and your hearts with God and with each other.   With your hands and hearts joined, please pray the Our Father."

 With hands joined all the pilgrims prayed the Our Father.

 "Please, remember this prayer is given to you by my Son.  I will bless you and I will bless everything you have brought with you.  Please make the sign of the cross as I depart.  From my Immaculate Heart I give rays of love.  Always remember to thank my Son."

 After the apparition, Nancy recalled that the Blessed Mother also said:

 "My words will be few now.  The people are not listening."

October 15,1992

 Nancy and a friend were discussing the Blessed Mother's words on abortion in the October 13th monthly apparition:

 "The mothers' wombs have become the concentration camps of the world. "

 As they talked Nancy saw the Blessed Mother appear many times dressed in black with the Baby Jesus covered with a black cloth.  The Blessed Mother was crying as she said: 

 "When will my children stop murdering; when will they listen?

 "I've come to tell you the mothers' wombs have become the concentration camps of the world."  

"Let these words be echoed all over the world.  Why are my children not crying?   Why are too few of my children concerned?"

 Nancy said Our Loving Mother was crying.

 "Please tell my children of the world the slain babies' blood will be poured out upon the whole world."

 Nancy again said that Our Loving Mother was crying.

 "How can a mother look in her child's eyes and not feel the hurt when babies are being murdered all around the earth? Let me repeat my words you have heard before dearest daughter:  

"Abortion is murder."

 Nancy said:  "I see the Blessed Mother's face, then Jesus' face, then the Blessed Mother's face."  Our Loving Mother said:

 "My Son's hand will continue to pound the earth until you stop. Stop violating the laws of God."

 Nancy herself was crying and said:  "Oh Mother, it hurts me that you are so sad."

 "Your tears sooth my wounds, dearest daughter."

  Nancy said Our Loving Mother was crying.

 "I am Blessed Virgin Mary.  I am the Immaculate Conception.  I am the Mother of God and your mother.  This is an urgent cry from Heaven.  Now make the Sign of the Cross as I depart."

November 1, 1992 - Feast of All Saints

 Nancy said to Jesus, "It is not easy to try to be a saint."  Jesus said:

 "It is not easy.  It was not easy for Me.  A servant is not greater than the Master.

 "Walking in My footsteps is the way to paradise.  Walking in My footsteps is not easy but it is the way to life eternal with Me.  I have gone before you to prepare a place for you.  I walk each step of the way with you.  Embrace Me each step of the way.  My Mother is with you.  She is there for you."

 "Children, please do not reject us for if you do you are pushing away the help that you need.  The road is rough and rocky.  You will grow weary.  You will thirst.  I am there with My Mother to help you.

 "Children, read the Scriptures and you will find life and strength and all the help that you need in My words.  My word is life.

 "You were asking Me about Satan.  He, the evil one, will distract you in every way to keep you from feeding on My words, to keep you from hearing Me, to keep you away from Me.

 "The road is rocky and rough and Satan will distract you in your suffering.  Children, when you despair in your suffering, know that Satan has succeeded in keeping you far from Me.  The evil one knows when you come to Me you will receive all that you need.   So he continually tries tirelessly to keep you far from Me.  It is up to you to keep your eyes, your ears, your thoughts, your works, your actions, your every moment on Me.

 "If there were not a battle, how would I know your love for Me?

 "Be victorious as the saints were victorious by remaining close to Me.  I, the giver of life, have given you the Sacraments to help you.  Stay close to Me. Look at the ways in your life and the many times you can reject life.  Know that and understand that Satan will attack you by causing you to reject life.

 "When you reject life of the unborn, Satan is attacking and influencing you.  When you reject the life of Me in the Eucharist, Satan is attacking you and influencing you. When you reject life in My Word, Satan is attacking you and influencing you.

 "Reflect upon all the areas of your journey towards Me and all the ways that Satan can attack life and know that without My help you will fail.   Come to Me often.  Stay close to Me and you will have all the help you need.

 "You wondered why I took you to Hell again.  You must tell My children Hell is a reality that they must know it awaits those who reject life."

 During Nancy's recent trip, Jesus showed Nancy in a vision both Heaven and Hell.

 "I am the way, the resurrection, the life.  Guard your words, your thoughts and your actions.   Keep pure and desire holiness which is oneness with Me.

Jesus said to George through Nancy:

 "Thank you for being a listener and a scribe. 

 "I am the eternal one. I was born of the Holy Virgin Mary. I suffered, died and was buried. I am the Resurrection and I stand with My Father and I bow down to My Father."

 Nancy said the light around the crucifix upon which Jesus appeared got very bright and then the crucifix was bursting in light.

November 10,1992

 Jesus said to Nancy,

 "My American children are going to suffer for the sins of abortion and for the rejection of My commandments.  The blood of My slaughtered unborn will fall upon the United States."

 "Many of My children are concerned about preparation.  The most important preparation is for the soul.  Do not get side-tracked with material worldly concerns.  Do you not know that I am the giver of gifts?  Have you forgotten or do not know that I can multiply?"

Nancy asked Jesus if a friend in Conyers was correct in focusing on gathering supplies for difficult days ahead.

 "The souls of many people in the town are not prepared for Me.  Continue to do the work for which I have called you."

 The Blessed Mother then appeared and said:

 "America, if you stand for murder, you stand against my Son.  Abortion is murder."

 Jesus then said:

 "America, you will be purified of these sins."

November 13,1992

Our Loving Mother said to Nancy:

 "Dear children of America, with tears I plead with you.  Do not throw away the commandments of God. A nation apart from God will suffer more and will fall deeper into darkness.  Please children, pray for your leaders and for this Country.  You will be stripped of your pride and you will be purified.   Children, I love you.  Please pray and be united with God. "

Jesus said,

 "My Mother echoes My words.  My children should too."

 Later during the monthly apparition, the Blessed Mother said:

 "America must not go the way of man."

Nancy saw the pictures in the room of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary burst into radiant light. Nancy then saw a black light behind the Blessed Mother and asked her why.  Our Loving Mother said:

 "There is darkness over America."

Nancy again saw the black light and the Blessed Mother crying.  It appeared that blood was coming out of her eye.   There was a constant flow of blood out of her left eye and what appeared to be water out of her right eye.  Our Loving Mother said:

 "My children are not listening.  My children are not listening. "

 Nancy asked the Blessed Mother why she kept crying.  Our Loving Mother said:

"I cry over my slaughtered children.  Let my children know I am crying because the children of God are murdered and my children think they are right with God.  My Son is life.  When you kill the life that He created, then you do not stand with Him."

 Nancy saw the Blessed Mother crying continuous streams of what appeared to be blood.

July 13, 1993

During the monthly apparition the Blessed Mother cried a dark substance again. Nancy asked, "Why do you cry blood?"

The Blessed Mother answered, "Because children are being murdered at this very moment. Abortion is murder."

February 6, 1994

Nancy was discussing with George her many recent visions of dark images of embryos and, occasionally, an embryo in white light. Then, in a great white light, the image of Jesus appeared.  He said,

"Say to My children this: You must know that abortion is murder. Inhabitants of the earth, stop committing murder."

 Nancy said that the light on the Sacred Heart of Jesus picture was very bright. She heard the clock chiming as Jesus continued speaking.

"Time is running out. Repent, repent, repent or else you will suffer, suffer and suffer.

"I am the Creator; you are not. I am the Author of life; you are not. Do not kill who I have created. The commandment of God is: Thou shall not kill.

"Why do you remain stubborn and in sin. Come back to Me. Come back to Me.

"Come back to me now while there is still time.

"Sin breeds sin. If you choose the darkness of sin, then, so shall you be in darkness.

"Man, you shall crawl upon the earth like serpents. You choose this way of life with your own free will.

"You have taken My gifts and perverted them. You have become selfish.

"You have filled your heart with hate and you plot evil against each other. Violence will beget more violence. Conflicts will turn into wars.

"You will battle with each other over laws that you create apart from Me. Then so will the earth tremble in many places. The earth will divide. The earth will divide and take away your riches.

"Some of you will die suddenly. You will have no warning. My Mother has told you: 'Prepare, prepare, prepare.'

"You have closed your ears. You have closed your hearts to Me.

"When you have pushed My Mother aside, I tell you, you have pushed Me aside too. My Mother stands with Me.

"When you push God aside, then you shall suffer the consequences.

"The clock continues to tick. The hour is rapidly approaching when one disaster after another will befall you. There will be fighting everywhere. There will be famine and polluted water in many places.

"Great waves will crash upon your shores and you will experience cold when you should experience warmth. Flood waters will increase in many places.

"Fire will be upon the earth. You will think that the heavens and the earth have rebelled against you.

"The clock continues to tick.

"Know that all that I have told you and more will come to pass.

"Repent. Repent. Repent.

"If you have ears, open them. If you have eyes, open them and come back to Me. Please, dear children."

March 27, 1993

Jesus said to Nancy:


"What man destroys in the womb, I will make pure in Light.  No man can destroy the Holy Spirit of God. You cannot abolish My Spirit because you cannot abolish Me. I am the Creator and you are My creatures."


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