Cardinal Arinze

              Cardinal Arinze at Christendom College


July 17, 2004


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Addressing the over 325 attendees from across America convening at Christendom College, Francis Cardinal Arinze, in his keynote address, said that the sacred liturgy is at the center of the Holy Father's pontificate. In many documents of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, the sacred liturgy and the Holy Eucharist have figured prominently, said His Eminence, especially in the encyclical letter Ecclesia de Eucharistia. The following are excerpts from his address:


"The Eucharistic Celebration has a cosmic character," said Cardinal Arinze. "The Eucharist is the Real Presence of Christ; it builds the Church and gives her continued life and evangelistic and missionary dynamism.  It is a celebration of the Church an this explains why Catholic ministers licitly administer this sacrament only to Catholic faithful.


In speaking of liturgical matters.  Cardinal Arinze said that the Holy Father is also aware of difficulties and erroneous applications and exaggerations.


"Some people tend to prefer private and personal participation to community celebrations. Others have rejected the renewed rites while considering the old rites as the sole guarantee of certainty in faith. Yet others have promoted outlandish innovations and ignored the liturgical norms issued by the Apostolic See or the bishops. All these people are invited to retrace their steps to full faith in the Church and unity and fidelity in her celebrations."


The Holy Father urges all Christ's faithful to observe the liturgical norms established by the Church because of the very nature of the sacred liturgy, Arinze stressed.


"Not even a priest can add or subtract anything on his own initiative from the approved sacred texts. A lack of fidelity on the part of the celebrant can even affect the validity of a sacrament" said the cardinal.


"The quarter-century of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II has brought many blessings to the Church also in the liturgical field.  Let us pray the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ our Savior whose mysteries we celebrate in the sacred liturgy, to obtain for us the grace to do our part to listen to believe, to take part in liturgical celebrations and to live in our daily lives what we have celebrated," Cardinal Arinze concluded."


(The Wanderer Press, "Confronting the Culture of Death: John Paul II: Prophetic Vision for the Renewal of Christian Culture", Vol. 137, No. 31, July 29, 2004)




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