The Face of the Truth in Conyers, Georgia, U.S.A.


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(18 Chapters plus Epilogue: 450 pages)


(Note: The visionary’s identity is omitted for the present time.)


Chapter 5




“And they went forth and preached everywhere, while the

Lord worked with them and confirmed the message

by the signs that attended it. Amen.”

(Mk16:20 RSV)


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The Conyers Apparition Site on October 13, 1998. The apparition house is in the center

treed area. The ‘barn’ is at right treed area. The marble image of Our Loving Mother is

at left. White Road is at the bottom. The media estimated 100,000 pilgrims. ©1998 AJC




The Conyers Apparition Site on October 13, 1994. The apparition house is slightly

to the left of center. The grey and red barns are to the right but out of the picture.




The apparition house on a wintry apparition day at the Conyers Apparition Site - post 1993.




Part One: Folklore


When this author first arrived at the Conyers apparition site, a few original volunteers would tell the story of meeting some of the native Georgians who lived in the area at the time the apparitions were “moved” to the above White Road farmhouse. When they were told that the visionary was having visions in the farmhouse across White Road some of the Georgians would relate a tale of an old man that used to live on the farmhouse site---decades before the White family arrived on the scene and established their estate and constructed the present house. 


The Georgia people said that the old man would tell them that he used to sit on his front porch and "watch the angels dance.”  The neighbors said that the man saw the angels dance  behind the apparition house where a dirt road now leads up to both the red and gray barns.


When hearing this folk tale, we newly-arrived volunteers were then astounded to learn that, at the perceived location that the old man saw “the angels dance”, the visionary received her first vision of the Blessed Mother at the White Road location.


Over the years, when this author would use a tractor and scraper box to recondition the dirt roads on the apparition site, at the exact perceived location on the dirt road where the visionary received her first vision of the Blessed Mother and where the old man “saw the angels dance”, the scraper box would frequently snag on some half-decayed wooden beams that were buried at the crest of a hill on the dirt road.  I always had the feeling that the old decayed beams were from the old man’s house after it was torn down to construct thecurrent building.


Part Six: Is Jesus Appearing at Conyers?


The monthly apparitions of Our Loving Mother to the visionary took place at The Farm in Conyers on the 13th of every month from October 13, 1990 to May 13, 1994.


The Fatima Anniversary Apparitions of Our Loving Mother to the visionary took place annually; each October 13th from 1994 to 1998.  From the first apparition of Our Loving Mother with a message "To the People of the United States" on September 2, 1990, to October 13, 1998, there were 50 apparitions (with a message to be made public) of Our Loving Mother to the visionary in Conyers.  During this time period, the visionary had hundreds of apparitions of Our Lord and Our Loving Mother.


Our Loving Mother's messages were always given for the sake of her Son and would be headlined in the O.L.M.C., Inc. Journal.  At the ending of her messages, Our Loving Mother would request from those present:


"Remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

                    (December 30, 1990 and many more times)


Our Lord Jesus Christ also appearing to the visionary was generally not acceptable---to the public, the faithful, or sometimes most of all, the Church. They might have thought that Jesus appearing to a mystic was usually not heard-of outside of frigid medieval monasteries and convents.  Concerning His apparitions to the visionary, Jesus said:


"The people are beginning to recognize that Conyers is different.

 It is different because I am appearing here with My Mother."

                                                                       (November 11, 1992)



Part Seven: The Volunteers


Working in the Information Center ('the barn') on the 13th of the month largely meant dispensing books, videos, rosaries and pamphlets to the pilgrims. On the front end of the barn there were three doorways; a double front door and two single side doors. Folding banquet tables were placed across the open doorways and volunteers stood on the inside and served the many pilgrims waiting in line on the outside of the building.  There were just too many pilgrims to admit into the ‘barn’ itself.  To those in line, volunteers would describe the books and materials and when asked about prices would present the “suggested donation” prices for the volumes of To Bear Witness that I Am the Living Son of God and give out whatever donated or purchased religious articles were requested. 


*   *   *


Folks from all walks of life came on pilgrimage to the apparition site. There were the well-dressed who could afford anything to poorly-dressed mothers and kids who couldn’t afford anything. Some of these poor, having sheer faith in Our Loving Mother and her angels had saved-up a few dollars and had driven hundreds of miles to Conyers---hoping that the car wouldn't overheat in the torrid Georgia summer temperatures.  Not being able to afford a motel room, some of these folks slept in their cars. When they arrived at the Information Center to acquire a book of the visionary’s messages and some religious articles to take home to family and friends, their faces would sometimes drop when they heard the “suggested donation” prices attached to the printed material. 


Volunteers would sense that these pilgrims still wanted very much to bring home something for everyone in the family. So,we gathered-up copies of Volume One of To Bear Witness That I Am the Living Son of God, holy cards of Our Loving Mother, brochures and rosaries and place them into the hands of these humble pilgrims.  Their faces lit up with gratitude as they clutched their treasures and walked away smiling.  At the end of the day, volunteers relished telling these stories.


*    *    *

  During the years of the apparitions, the 'apparition room' at The Farm in Conyers was a place of great peace and holiness---rightly considered so by pilgrims from all over the world. The Holy Spirit softened many hearts there and thousands were quietly converted to Jesus Christ.  Returning pilgrims bringing new pilgrim friends had great anticipation in their hearts trying earnestly to “get into the apparition room at the Farm” on the 13th of the month.  The room was open from before sunrise until 10:30 A.M. on apparition day. It reopened after the Rosary at 3:00 P.M.  On one occasion there were---carefully estimated by this author who was doing crowd-control work at the time---seven hundred pilgrims who were waiting in line for admission to the room---all for being in a group of forty people allowed to remain in the room for three to five minutes.  Using this formula, hundreds of pilgrims on any given morning of the 13th could be admitted to the apparition room during the peak hours of 7:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.  However, many pilgrims missed visiting the apparition room because of the inflexibility of bus-line owners who scheduled early departures from the Farm.


Immobilized and walking-infirm pilgrims especially wanted to be inside the apparition room when Our Loving Mother appeared to the visionary.  But the Rockdale County Fire Marshall had issued an order that wheelchair patients and the immobilized could not remain in the apparition room due to their blocking the exit in case of fire. 


The situation with regard to sick and lame pilgrims became so sensitive that Our Loving Mother gave a calming message---which the visionary repeated many times to the pilgrims:


"During the apparition there are no walls." (April 13, 1992)


There were written testimonials from believers who claimed spiritual and physical healings that occurred during the time of Our Loving Mother’s apparition. Some were even from persons from across the United States who had not traveled to Conyers, but who were there spiritually in their hearts, praying the Rosary with the pilgrims. 


*     *     *


Part Eight: Something Mystical


People haven’t changed much in the last two thousand years since Jesus gave signs to bolster their weak faith and that of His disciples.  He said to them: 


            “Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not.”


Some disciples who followed Jesus asked Him for signs; which He sometimes did not give.  Instead, He gave them His Gospel message on the Bread of Life, His Discourse the Holy Eucharist.  Some of these disciples then lost faith in Him and walked away. Jesus asked His apostles if they too, would leave Him.  Peter said to Him:


"Lord, to whom would we go?  You have the words of

            eternal life.'                                          (Cf.Jn6:30-67) 


Concerning signs and wonders, Jesus said to the visionary:


                   Do not seek signs and wonders but seek Me in My Living

         Presence in your midst. Come before Me with reverence

         and repentant hearts.                         (February 13, 1995)           


    “My children seek signs and wonders. They do not seek Me in the

     depths of their hearts. Believe the Scriptures.  When you gather

     together in My Name, I am here.”                  (July 13, 1995)


However, because of our spiritual weaknesses, Jesus still gives us little signs to bolster our faith.  St. Paul speaks of them as tools for conversion in the preaching of the Gospel:



"For I will not venture to speak of anything except

what Christ has wrought through me to win obedience

from the Gentiles, by word and deed, by the power of

signs and wonders, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so

that from Jerusalem and as far round as Illyricum I have

fully preached the gospel of Christ."        (Ro15:18,19)



*    *    *

From "Something Mystical"


Signs or mystical phenomena given as gifts from Jesus were common at the Conyers apparition site. The depictions following are taken from testimonials:


“One afternoon at the apparition house, a grouchy-looking man walked up the ramp onto the front porch.  He looked as if he had arrived prepared to fight rather than to pray. The afternoon Rosary was already in progress.  Scowling, he pulled his rosary pouch from his pocket, pulled out the beads and blandly joined in.  He did not enter into the apparition room, but stood beside me at the entrance.  When the prayers ended, he started to place his rosary back into its pouch.  Something suddenly caught my eye.  I asked him: "Was your rosary gold just a little while ago?"  The man looked at his rosary and gradually became aware that the chain links on his rosary had just turned a gold color---during the just-completed Rosary.  His hand froze; suspended in the air; holding his rosary.  For a few moments we were both dumbfounded and stared at the 'gold rosary'.  The man's demeanor was suddenly transformed.  He smiled and became peaceful, and spent the rest of the afternoon showing-off his little miracle to huddled groups of pilgrims----all strangers to himself.  After that day, I began to see this man frequently return to the apparition site on the 13th of the month---beaming with broad smiles and proudly wearing his 'gold rosary' around his neck....."


*    *    *


“On a hot summer 13th of the month, the pilgrims and volunteers had just completed praying the 15 decades of the Rosary.  As I walked along the roped-off pathway on the tarmac on the south side of the apparition house, I was startled to see some former associates who obviously had traveled on pilgrimage from their homes in a large middle-western city in the United States.  I knew that one of these former work-friends attended the Pentecostal Christian Church.  As I greeted them, I asked them if they had all been able to “get into the apparition room” that day---which was sometimes a chief concern for all who visited the apparition site in Conyers. 


Most everyone answered in the affirmative.  My Pentecostal friend; a middle-aged lady named Virginia, whom we called “Ginny”, answered “no”.  Years ago, when I worked with these people, Ginny and I would discuss the problems of U.S. society---in Christian terms.  Among the group of workers, Ginny and I were the most vocal about elaborating on the paucity of Christian values in modern society.


The apparition room was just re-opening after the Rosary and I asked Ginny if she would care to visit the apparition room.  This being a 'Catholic thing' she looked a trifle hesitant---but she capitulated and said that she would.  There was about a 45 minute wait to get in through the front door. I didn’t deliberate this situation with myself, so I just suddenly took Ginny's hand and gently said: “Come on.”  She popped up out of her chair and we negotiated our way through the crowd of pilgrims and headed for the rear entrance to the farmhouse, because, using my status as a volunteer, I knew I could gain access through the kitchen door.  I didn't say a word to Ginny about what to do or expect in the apparition room as I led her by the hand through the length of the house, navigating around gaggles of persons absorbed in chatter.  Upon reaching the apparition room, there were about 10 to15 persons standing inside, just talking quietly with each other.


I released Ginny’s hand after she stepped down the 2-step stairs into the room.  I then pointed to the corner oratory and said quietly to her:


“The Blessed Mother appears in that corner.”


I then backed-off to the side of the room, just watching Ginny and said a short prayer to the Holy Spirit.


Ginny took off on her own and walked rapidly across the room towards the corner oratory.  Her gaze was fixed on the portrait of Jesus of the Divine Mercy on the middle shelf of the oratory that was near her eye-level.  The portrait was directly below the top shelf where the statue of Our Loving Mother was placed.  A dramatic sequence then occurred.


As she rapidly neared the portrait, Ginny abruptly reversed her steps---and took a few steps backwards as if she were being gently kept at bay, for it seemed that she might have approached the portrait of Christ too rapidly. She stood still for a moment, looking straight at the portrait of Jesus.  Suddenly, she turned her head upward and to the right to gaze at the large Crucifix hanging above the fireplace mantle in the center of the room.  Taking a few steps to the front and center, she dropped to her knees and threw out her arms like Jesus on the cross and exclaimed:


“Praised be Jesus Christ!”


After a brief moment, Ginny stood up and walked towards me.  She had a big smile on her face.  As we exited the room and headed back down the hallway, she exuberantly said to me:


“The Spirit’s in that room!”



Chapter 14





Part One:  The Future of the Conyers Apparitions



On October 13, 1995, the visionary received a message from Jesus that reflected His will with regards to the future of her life and the future of the Conyers apparition site. The message is reproduced, following, and in Chapter 7.  The paragraphs are numbered and key words are italicized, denoting this author's opinion.


On October 13, 1995 Jesus told the visionary:


  1.  "You will be returning to more solitary prayer.  I will be drawing you

unto my bosom.  Today, your life takes a new direction.  Through your writing, your messages will be delivered to the world.


  2. "Let My children come in faith and pray; the graces remain here.

You, My child, will not return until October 13th, next year.


  3. "Let the faithful be faithful.  Let them come in faith.  Through your writings, I will  continue to speak.  I have created many witnesses.  Let them go out and speak.  You may only speak as you are given permission to speak. You remain under holy obedience.


  4.  "I am a jealous God and I seek more of you.  You shall write and write and write.  Through your writings, I will speak to the world."


Author's opinion:


   1.  Paragraph 1, line one: (returning) This appears to be the 'headline' of the message-----is the time that God has granted for the visionary’s public life coming to an end?  Indeed, in 1998, it was, at the least, altered drastically by the literal insertion of a fraud at the apparition site.


Paragraph 1, line one: (drawing) This could be a biblical understanding of Heaven; like being drawn "to the bosom of Our Father" (Cf. Lk16:22).


Paragraph 1, line two: (takes, new) the visionary's life will take a path unknown to her in 1995.


   2.  Paragraph 2, line one: (come in faith, graces remain) Those who come in faith to the Conyers apparition site will find abundant graces---but according to the following prescription:


The graces of an authentic apparition follow an authentic visionary while he/she is alive.  After the death of an authentic visionary, if holiness is present in the custodians of a place where an authentic apparition took place: holiness remains. Therefore, holiness in people has a lot to do with the holiness of a place.


Our Loving Mother once said to the visionary:


“Wherever you go, my Son will bestow on you graces

and signs about you.” (May 13, 1994)


Paragraph 2, line two: (will not return) the visionary cannot, in obedience, speak at the Farm until October 13, 1996.  


    3.  Paragraph 3, line one: (let the faithful be faithful) Those who practice their faith and live Gospel message are asked to not only remain that way, but actively practice their faith for the benefit of others. This includes those who are faithful to the messages of Our Lord and Our Loving Mother given to the visionary.


Paragraph 3, line one: (come in faith) If the "faithful are faithful", they should come to Conyers to pray. If they cannot travel to Conyers, they are to be faithful in their hearts. 


Paragraph 3 line two: (created) At the time of this message Jesus had inspired many pilgrims to witnesses to their belief in the visionary's messages.


Our Loving Mother said to the visionary:


"Please remember to tell my children I am pleased with all my little helpers.  The children who come here are my helpers when they speak my Son's words to others."                                                          (March 13, 1992)



Paragraph 3, line three: (may only, given permission) the visionary must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and her spiritual director when considering a speaking engagement. (Holy obedience to God and to the Church)


Paragraph 3, line three: (go out) The volunteers did not understand that there would be a day when messages of Our Lord and Our Loving Mother at Conyers would not be available to the world.  Therefore, it is now critical that witnesses to the visionary's messages of Conyers go out and speak. 


    4.   Paragraph 4, line one: (shall write, write, write) Will there be a period in the visionary's life when she will do practically nothing but record messages from Jesus?  In 1999, the visionary was still an at-home mother with responsibilities. 


Paragraph 4, line two: (writings, I will) Is there a time in the future, designated by God, that the messages of Conyers will be promulgated more completely to the world? According to Jesus’ prophecy, it appears that the time will come when the dissemination of the Conyers messages will exceed that of the eight years of the apparitions---at least in the scope of dissemination.


In proclaiming the visionary subject to "holy obedience", Jesus holds her accountable to Himself.   Jesus also holds the faithful of the Church accountable to the practice of their faith.  Jesus said to the visionary:


                     "The sacramental life of the Church must be preserved. The

faithful have great responsibility and will be held accountable

for their many gifts from God."                     (April 22, 1993)


(end of sample text



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