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~Mass and Devotions~


It has been made clear to us that we live in times when there is an earnest need for heroic prayer efforts. Christian research websites relate that the number of Christian martyrs in Iraq, Syria, Indonesia and South Sudan is on the verge of doubling over 2013 figures......

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A meditative page with which to be at peace with the Lord in an image of the Blessed Sacrament. A hymn is available.

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This "Gathering of the Faithful" is 2000 years old.  From the Last Supper to the present day, this commemorative and bloodless sacrifice of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ to the Father in Heaven enjoins our supplications with the infinite graces of Christ's personal sacrifice on Calvary.  Holy Hill Cross Website presents the English translation of the Latin Rite Mass.

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These devotions include the history of the charism of St. Mary Alacoque of the Sacred Heart, promises from Jesus to those who complete the Nine First Fridays in honor of His Most Sacred Heart, the Nine Day Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Daily Prayers and Invocations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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The Rosary is not just a prayer, but a meditation on the life of Christ.  Throughout the centuries, the Rosary, the 'Gospel in miniature', has been a refuge for individuals and whole societies in times of crisis.  St. Dominic received the prayer of the Rosary in an apparition from the Blessed Virgin Mary in the year 1208.  In 2002, Pope John Paul II added five new mysteries, the Mysteries of Light, or the Luminous Mysteries.  These new mysteries focus on events in the public life of Christ.  A brief history of the Rosary plus all twenty mysteries of the Rosary; the Joyful, the Luminous, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious are presented.

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The request for First Saturday devotions was given by Our Lady of Fatima to the three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.  This is a complete program with quotes from Our Lady of Fatima.  Included is a provision for obtaining a plenary indulgence. There is a printer-friendly link.

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The Seven Sorrows of Mary are presented with prayers and images, along with instructions for praying the  Seven Sorrows Rosary.  This devotion honors Our Loving Mother in her life-long dedication to the life of her Son, Jesus.  With this devotion, Mary is particularly venerated as the Sorrowful Mother of Jesus as she shares in His profound sufferings.                                                                 

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The Pierced Heart of Mary takes us with new understanding beneath the Cross with Our Dear Loving Mother as she endures the thrust of the lance to the Most Sacred Heart of her Son. What heretofore may not have been understood may now have meaning for us in our walk with Christ.

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This page of holy hour prayers is modeled after the daily Rosary Holy Hour at the Conyers apparition site during the eight  years of the apparitions.  It includes the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.  This Web page is ideal for starting your own Rosary Holy Hour prayer group. There is a printer-friendly link.

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The devotion of the Stations of the Cross focuses on the path along which Jesus carried His cross during His Passion and Death in Jerusalem.  The message with each station is from the Stations of the Cross as given by Jesus Christ to Nancy Fowler. A quotation from Sacred Scripture is included with each station. The introduction and prayer to each station are from the Stations of  the Cross according to St. Alphonsus Liguori.  Verses of the "Stabat Mater" end each station.               

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This devotion originated at the actual location of the Stations of the Holy Eucharist, Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, Hanceville, Alabama ( ).  A journey through these Stations encourages a new and profound intimacy with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

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 This devotion is a universal supplication to the Mercy of God our Father for the Ocean of Mercy available through the passion and death of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus gave St. Mary Faustina, through her revelations of the Holy Spirit,  "The Divine Mercy"                

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 Saint Hannibal di Francia was one of Luisa Piccarreta's extraordinary confessors. He wrote this prayer and prayed it many times a day in his last sickness.

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The Consecration Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary by St. Louis de Montfort are presented.  Please pray with the heart.              

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Consecrate yourself to the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, Who is the Guide of the Church and of mankind.  His Presence is Jesus Christ on earth.   Tragically, He is unknown to most of the world lost in deception. 

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Compiled from the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, this Novena to the Holy Spirit is a journey into the Divine Will.

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Familiar and traditional nine-day prayers to the Holy Spirit for His Gifts to be bestowed upon us.

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Spiritual complexities and spiritual combat sometimes seem overwhelming.  This prayer to the Holy Spirit of God through Jesus Christ speaks to God for what we need.  It is a short prayer that can be memorized.  Psalm 89 (90), "Lord, my refuge" follows the prayer.                               

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This beloved prayer, prayed while meditating on an image of the crucified Christ, has brought grace and comfort to countless souls.  The image presented is based on the image of the Papal Crucifix and the Shroud of Turin.                                                                                  

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This beautiful and absorbing nine-day prayer appeals to the Guardian of the Redeemer and the spouse of the Mother of God for assistance in our spiritual and practical needs.  A powerful intercessor in the order of grace, beloved St. Joseph is a favorite protector and advocate for countless souls.   

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Known to few, beloved St. Joseph experienced most of the Joys and Sorrows of the Blessed Mother.

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It is in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  The state of temporal punishment after death is a great mercy from God, for through it He allows those who are not damned to Hell for all eternity to be purified in preparation to appear before the gift of His Beatific Vision for all eternity.                                                   

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So that we "be not afraid" of Him, Christ the King came to us as an Infant.  This antique image corresponds with this heartfelt prayer to Him.

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 This recently discovered prayer for the intercession of St. Therese of the Child Jesus was released in 1924 in Chicago, Illinois.  Pray that she may send a shower of roses upon the Church.

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St. Perigrin is the patron saint of cancer victims and is petitioned for intercession by many afflicted cancer patients. The prayer was chosen for it's human simplicity and humble appeal for help.

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