More Like Christ

~A Spiritual Apostolate for Men~
     The Catechism of the Catholic Church states about Christ:

"He is naturally Son of the Father as to his divinity and naturally son of his mother as to his humanity, but properly Son of the Father in both natures."
(CCC:503) ; Council of Friuli (796)

This is the founding revelation of faith that has given birth to the spiritual apostolate: Sons of Mary.


The spirituality of Sons of Mary is simply aspiring to become closer to Mary as a Son of Mary. By approaching Mary with prayer and petition, the Son of Mary seeks first her personal help in his spiritual life. By surrendering to Mary's motherly love and affection, the male aspirant becomes her child, her son. Receptive of her instruction by surrendering to the Holy Spirit in his conscience, the reborn Son of Mary gradually becomes transformed closer to Mary as her son and allows her to form him into an image that is closer to her Divine Son, Jesus Christ.

"It is most pleasing to God when you imitate Him and honor me."
(Our Loving Mother, 10-13-98)

Therefore, the Sons of Mary seek to be recognized more and more by Mary, Mother of God, as a sure way to becoming more like Christ. This is important, for when a soul goes to judgment, the Father looks for a resemblance of His Son in that soul. How well the soul resembles Christ determines the outcome of his judgment. Thanks to the Divine Mercy of the Son of God, it is even possible for non-Christians who are good people to resemble Christ in the eyes of our Father in Heaven.

"From his conception, the (human person) is destined for eternal beatitude."
CCC 1703


The Christian man is usually is able to develop a healthy fear of God, which is a sense of awe and respect towards His Majesty. However, since the Eternal Word is both God and Man in the single Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, some Christian men may find it difficult to actually come closer to Christ. This is because men are more easily attracted to women--as children are to their mother. Some men come closer to Christ by regarding Him as an elder brother or father-figure. In any event, we should be comforted: Christ receives us as we naturally come to Him.

For the Christian woman it is much easier to naturally come close to Jesus, Who is both truly God and truly a Divine Man. This is why convents are full of women who are "Brides of Christ."

So, we can see that Mary can truly offer to the Christian man a pathway to Heaven, especially for men who need motherly help in their quest to ascend to the Holy Trinity by following Christ. As the saying goes: "The easiest way to the Son is through the mother."


To become a Son of Mary, there is no organization to join, no dues to pay.  You do not have to be Catholic, but be sure to go to church on Sunday. The method of coming closer to your Heavenly Mother is to do what she does best: talk to God through prayer. This thought may, due to a hardened life-style, repel you at first, so start with one Hail Mary prayer per day. Say this slowly and with your true heart. Then say a few soft words of thanksgiving to your Heavenly Mother and do the best you can, day by day. Does Mary know you? Through her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, she knew you since you were born. Why, because you are reading this to become her son. Does she know you as a man? She gave birth to and raised--the Son of God.

"Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death. Amen."


Hand-in-hand with prayer, the aspiring Son of Mary comes quickly closer to Mary especially by purity. So, the first step to purity is to clean up your life by resolutely eliminating bad habits. Ask your Heavenly Mother for help and she will acquire graces for you to overcome whatever is keeping you from doing the Will of God.


It is critical to regularly keep a prayer life. If you can only pray one prayer, say the Rosary of the day. At the start, say a decade a day, then advance to two, etc.  This alone will bring you close enough to Mary to enable her to gather graces for advancing closer to becoming more like Christ in her eyes.

There are many Rosaries recorded on YouTube. Any Catholic Church has pamphlets on the Rosary. There are also many websites that offer the Rosary. You can buy rosary beads easily on the Internet or find a Catholic bookstore in almost any Catholic church.

Thirdly, you will eventually be drawn to expand your prayers by meditation. Meditating and saying the short prayers to the Seven Sorrows of Mary are, for many, next in grace to the efficacious recitation of the Rosary. Meditating on the Seven Sorrows of Mary is likened to meditation on the Stations of the Cross. If you pray one Sorrow per day, you cover all seven in one week. If you pray two Stations of the Cross daily, you cover all fourteen Stations in one week also.


When one acquires Mary's help in spirituality, one always succeeds. This is not possible by earthly efforts, but with the grace Mary acquires for you and gives you herself, you will succeed in becoming more like Christ in the eyes of the Father. This is not readily evident with earthly eyes, but with the eyes of the soul. Stay close to Mary; it is her divine mission to bring all her children to Christ by shaping them with her own loving graces into His Image.

Get started. Persevere with whatever you can do. Do not be afraid. Do not worry.