The Society of Our Loving Mother


Our Loving Mother

(Image chosen by Blessed Virgin Mary for Conyers)


Our Loving Mother said to Nancy:

"I need your prayers and sacrifices...(March 25, 1989) ....I have come with my army. (Nancy had seen many saints appear earlier.    

"I have come to pray with my army but men gather their own armies." (January 13, 1993)

Jesus said to Nancy: "If there were not a battle, how would I know your love for Me?

Do not be afraid to take a stand for Me." (November 1, 1992)


Register your name in the Society of Our Loving Mother.... email at


Prayer and fasting are the keystones to the interior spiritual life. Whatever little efforts we make to join our prayers and sacrifices to the prayers of Our Loving Mother will grant us much-needed grace in this world. Join Our Loving Mother in prayer simply by doing this every day for Our Loving Mother's intentions for peace in the world.  Email your first name, state and country with SUBJECT header: SOCIETY, to:

(Names listed by order of application)

Peter         GA       USA      
Fran            IA       USA      
George      FL        USA      
Joy             GA       USA      
Kim            GA       USA      

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