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YOUR FAITH ...."To Know is to Understand"

With God, to exist is to understand.  With us---it takes a lifetime.  With the Christian Faith being diluted today by liberalism and secularism, all Christians----Catholics and non-Catholics alike----must seek the truths of their faith; for therein the future of their spiritual welfare and salvation depends. The following presentations are doctrinal or biblical in nature.  Church-approved private revelations are included. 

The Four Dogmatic Marian Doctrines are presented.  (The possibility of a Fifth Marian Doctrine is discussed.)

Click here for The Immaculate Conception and Other Truths of Mary

A microscopic look at Our Lady's eyes on the image on the tilma of Juan Diego

Click here for the Eyes of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Promised in  1960 and finally revealed to the faithful in 2000

Click here for The Third Secret of Fatima


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